New workshops in NYC and Singapore


5W Academy is heading to NYC for our next Infographics and Data visualization workshop in the US. It will be on March 24-25.

We received great feedback from our Washington, D.C. workshop back in October. A combination of local and out-of-state participants from government agencies, design studios, NGOs and other organizations got together for two days.

This two-day workshop is a comprehensive introduction to the creation of infographics and data visualization. With a mix of theory and practice, the workshop is aimed at professionals and students interested in developing the skills to produce engaging, insightful visual storytelling with their content.

We will learn how to gather and prepare data, the Do’s and Dont’s of working with numerical information and charts, and the principles of visual hierarchy, color, typography, illustration, and narrative to create impactful infographics.

5W_Academy copy

Attendees will sketch out infographics, storyboard motion graphics and create / publish their interactive data visualizations and web maps with the help of Tableau Public. The class will discuss award-winning projects and offer an overview of tools and strategies for creating infographics and data visualization.

At the same time, we are keeping busy in Asia. We’ll be back in Singapore on February 18-19 for “The Power of Infographics 4”, the fourth edition of a workshop that has proven really popular. The workshop is organized by Methodology and partnership with German leading art/design book publisher Gestalten.

Also in Singapore, we were invited to do back-to-back workshops on March 8-9, March 10-11 and possibly also March 14-15. The organizer is Maitre Allianz, a leading training services company.

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