The Power of Infographics 3 workshop in Singapore


Our Power of Infographics two-day workshop in Singapore proved so popular in January and May that we are coming back for the third time on September 29 and 30. The event is hosted by our friends at Methodology in partnership with Gestalten, the German publishers and specialists in visual culture. 5W’s co-founder Juan Velasco (ex Graphics Art Director at The New York Times and ex-Art Director of National Geographic magazine) will offer a comprehensive review of information graphics and data visualization, both in print and online. The hands-on experience will involve gathering and preparing data, working with statistics in Excel, sketching, storyboarding… By the end of the workshop the attendants will have a completely sketched-out illustrated infographic with multiple components and a functioning online data visualization including interactive charts and maps. We’ll use the free Tableau Public for our interactive exercises.The theory and practice of information graphics will be covered in multiple lectures. We’ll discuss step-by-step examples of award-winning infographics and the latest trends. We’ll learn which charts are best to use for different types of data; what type of maps are useful to give insight into our data sets or to locate stories, and how they are created; the tools and processes for successful motion graphics… We will also experiment with hierarchy, color, typography, illustration, and narrative to create effective infographics that make an impact. If the previous workshops are any indication, seat will go fast! Reserve yours now by emailing


Data Visualization with D3.js online course


Here is an opportunity you do not want to miss: Alberto Cairo and Scott Murray are co-teaching an online course called Data Visualization and Infographics with D3.js. Alberto, professor of Information Graphics and Visualization at the University of Miami, will be teaching the conceptual part or the course, and Scott, author of Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, will introduce and explain the powerful JavaScript library D3.js.

D3.js is one of the best tools to know if you are serious about interactive data visualization online (The New York Times has done amazing things with it). It is a JavaScript library designed specifically to display and control data visualization on web browsers. The learning curve can be a bit steep if you are completely new to web programming, but it is certainly worth the effort.

Workshop with Gestalten in Berlin

I just came back from teaching a two-day workshop on infographics in Berlin. The event was called “The Power of Infographics” and assembled a varied group of professionals coming from as far as Brazil. We were hosted by German art and design book publishers Gestalten in their beautiful Gestalten Space, the company’s flagship concept store and event space in Berlin’s Mitte district.

IMG_0261 IMG_0262



Gestalten produces high-quality books on design, art, architecture, photography, and other visual disciplines in contemporary visual culture. In the last few years they have published a number of titles about infographics. I was interviewed for their book “A Life in Illustration”, which describes the work and day-to-day activities creators such as  Christoph Niemann, Andrea Ventura, Jan Van Der Veken, Peter Grundy, Jessica Hische, and the New York Times’s Jonathan Corum. You can read the interview (made around 2012 when I was still at National Geographic) here.

lifeinillustration_front lifeinillustration_page1

Gestalten started publishing books on infographics with their popular Data Flow series. Other Gestalten books featuring our work in 5W or National Geographic are A Map of the World and Around the World.