Web and logo design for Harvest Strategies

Although we are better known for our infographics and data visualization, 5W works on many other types of projects including graphic design, web design and development, and animations. A good example is the website and logo design we just finished for Harvest Strategies.

Harveststrategies.org serves as a resource for fisheries scientists, managers, and other stakeholders, compiling information about how pioneering management approaches can lead to sustainable, profitable fisheries and successful recovery programs for many species around the world. The site is managed by The Ocean Foundation’s International Fisheries Conservation Project.

We did the website’s design as well as the front-end development, and designed a new logo to accompany all communications by Harvest Strategies. Other past projects with this client include animations, brochures, PowerPoint templates design and a series of specialized data visualizations targeted to fisheries managers and scientists (we’ll show those in this blog in the near future).

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