Our new workshop: Freelancing Bootcamp, the Business of Art

Getting started as a a freelancer in the creative field is as rewarding as it is difficult. For most people, it comes with a lot of surprises in terms of having to negotiate contracts, set up realistic pricing, marketing your work and finding clients, networking, tax and legal considerations, etc. It’s often hard to know how to get started. We have seen quite a few small companies and freelancers fail due to all those things that had nothing to do with their excellent work.

With that in mind, we are launching a new one-day workshop: Freelancing Bootcamp, in NYC on January 24th, 2018. Early bird discounts of $100 are available until November 30.

Our instructor is Anna Christian, an award-winning graphic designer with an impressive resume and more than 20 years of successful freelance experience. Read more about Anna in our workshop page.

This intensive workshop will provide you with the core fundamentals needed to start your own freelance business in the creative field. Whether you are a graphic designer, illustrator, digital designer, painter, or any variation of these, the workshop will provide you with the essential tools you need to start your own freelance business. By attending this workshop, you will have an understanding of business finances, how best to set up your business from a tax and legal standpoint, have the background and resources to effectively market your business, as well as have a file cabinet of useful contracts, agreements and forms needed to get on your way to building a successful freelance business.

The workshop will also cover methods of marketing and includes the vital pieces you will need to get your business running. We will cover how to best market your work, how to get set-up in social media marketing, and how to best promote your work via a promotional website. Getting work is the first step. Building a strong business of repeat clientele will make your business thrive. This workshop will offer strategies to retain and build your client-base so that you thrive as a creative freelancer.

Freelancing Bootcamp is one of three workshops we’ll have in January, with the other two focused in Infographics and data visualization: a two-day workshop in NYC on January 22-23, and a one-day worksop in Chicago on January 26.

Register soon to take advantage of the discount, and feel free to contact us with questions at academy@5w-consulting.com or contact@5wgraphics.




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