Workshops in Singapore, Jakarta and Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

We have just returned from a two-week trip teaching infographics and data visualization workshops in Asia, where we are traveling more and more often. There is tremendous energy, and a strong interest in infographics and dataviz. We started in Singapore with the sixth (I think. Lost count!) edition of our Power of Infographics public workshop. The event is hosted and organized by our friends at Methodology and this time we added a third day focused on hands-on practice with Adobe Illustrator and Tableau. Our regular two-day workshop includes theory/lectures and lots of hand sketching, and there had been interest in spending time getting to know some of the tools used in print and online infographics.

We also conducted two in-house workshops for DBS Bank in Jakarta and Hong Kong. We had two previous runs in Singapore, the home country of  DBS. The bank is the largest in South East Asia and one of the largest in Asia. DBS does a great job of offering training opportunities to its workforce (their headquarters in each country has a full floor dedicated to training). The ability to communicate information visually and to bring insight and clarity to data with infographics and data visualization, both internally and externally, is critical for large organizations. We are regularly involved in helping corporate clients with workshops tailored to their specific needs and goals. If it’s your case, find us at




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