Star Wars Episode IV: the 400-feet-long infographic


Sometimes you have to admire the amazing creativity and drive of some designers and infographics artists. You may have seen this amazing infographic around already since it’s been out for a while, but we thought it’s worth mentioning it again. It’s that incredible!

SWANH.NET is an adaptation of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (the iconic 1977 first movie of the series) as a really, really, really long scrolling infographic. It’s 123 meters long! (4,845 inches or over 400 feet). These images don’t make it justice, make sure to visit the site and scroll through it.

It was created with Adobe Illustrator CC in 2015-16 by Martin Panchaud, a graphic artist and Illustrator based in Zurich. Panchaud didn’t plan to plot the entire movie but once he started he couldn’t help himself, and we are glad. He included every single bit of dialogue and the positions of each character in screen for all the scenes, as well as the entire universe of spacecraft and locations. It took him about 1,000 hours to complete it as a personal project. Impressive work.






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