The interactive graphics of The New York Times and The Guardian, in one place


Here is a really useful resource I found some time ago, and that I visit often: a site with most of the interactive graphics by The New York Times and The Guardian together. The page was started as a thesis project by Marije Rooze, a Dutch web designer working in information and interaction design, data visualization and coding.

The compilation starts from 2000. It hasn’t been updated very recently, but I’m hopeful it will be because it’s an amazing place to find inspiration from two newspapers that are among the very best in interactive graphics. You can filter by topic, visual form, data type, participation (social data, reader generated, etc), and other useful variables.

By the way, we can expect great new things from The Guardian since they just added Xaquín Gonzalez (ex-NY Times and Nat Geo) to their talented team as Editor of Visuals.


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